Official Retirement from Athletics and Running

Athletes on track

England Athletics has a responsibility to all athletes and runners to ensure the UK Athletics anti-doping regulations are adhered to.  All athletes, runners and club personnel who are members of a club and England Athletics, are bound by the UKA anti-doping regulations while they are members and for a period of 12 months from the start of the membership period.  If you are content to let your membership lapse and still be bound to the anti-doping regulations, for 12 months, then you do not need to do anything.

If you want to officially retire from athletics and running, ending your binding to the UK Athletics anti-doping rules immediately, please complete the retirement form and you will be officially retired from the sport of athletics and running from the date it is lodged.

After retirement, if you decided to re-join an athletics and/or running club, affiliated to England Athletics, or participate in a competition as an unaffiliated runner and that event was licensed by England Athletics or UK Athletics, you would re-bind yourself to the UK Athletics anti-doping regulations for a period of 12 months.

Retirement Process

  • Athlete wants to retire immediately from the sport and club
    1. They complete the retirement form with England Athletics.
    2. The athlete also informs their club and asks the club to resign them from the myAthletics portal.
    3. The information on retirement is maintained by the England Athletics Membership Services Manager as an official record.
  • Athlete lets membership lapse and doesn’t enter any competitions
    1. The athlete will, after 12 months from commencement of being a member of a club and England Athletics, no longer be bound by UKA Anti-Doping regulations.
    2. England Athletics will maintain a register of resigned memberships by date.