How you support the sport

How you support the sport

Your England Athletics registration enables support to be given across the sport to the work done to give everyone in athletics their best possible experience in the sport.

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Supporting the sport

As a sport we need to continue to see key functions fulfilled. Revenue from affiliation and registration fees help enable this.

  • Rankings - including Power of 10 and all that goes into the rankings lists are accurate, for example, course measurement & licensing/permitting of events and officials consistent with rules of the sport
  • Andy Britton javelin coaching Birm MANRules & governance of rules – this helps ensure fairness, accuracy and consistency whenever you compete, including the licensing and permitting of events and competitions, and means you can have confidence in the performances you see in places such as on Power of 10
  • Insurance – this is important for your activities with your club, when you are training with your coach, and involved in competition. Many opportunities within the sport would not exist if those people involved in providing them were not confident insurance was in place
  • Coaches and Officials – We hold courses and development opportunities to help your coach and ensure the coaching you receive is appropriate and of the best possible standard. We also need to ensure that there are suitably qualified officials to ensure there are competition opportunities. This includes many subsidised or free opportunities for coaches. We also work to carrying out the DBS checks and other aspects of licensing which are necessary these days, and to answer questions coaches and officials may have around matters such as insurance or welfare
  • Antrim xc 2010 starterWelfare support and provision – It is important that the volunteers who work to support opportunities for athletes in training and competition have access to support to help them meet legal obligations and public expectations
  • Support on health and safety – giving guidance across the sport, including for both training and competition environments, on complying with legislation and giving positive experiences
  • Opportunities for young athletes – in both Clubs and Schools. Sport England will not fund work with Under 14s. But we know people across the sport believe it is essential young people are given opportunities to become involved in athletics in both the club and school environment
  • Cheering coachSupport for national and local competition – as well as provision of insurance, advice, licensing and permitting we also work in partnership with many other competition providers (for example the UK Counties Athletic Union and English Schools Athletic Association) as well as hosting national championships
  • Representative teams – these cover a range of ages and disciplines and as well as providing opportunities for the athletes involved also provide an aspiration for many across the sport
  • Facilities – with the pressures facing many of our clubs it is important we work to protect what we have and improve facilities wherever possible.

Under 14s
If you are aged under 14, or have an interest as you have children of this age, it is worth noting that Sport England funding is not allocated for work with this age group. This means the work done to support schools’ athletics, young athletes work in clubs, coaches of young athletes and competition for athletes aged under 14 (including modified format competitions) has to be supported out of England Athletics’ other revenue.