Sponsorise.Me is Europe’s leading sports crowdfunding platform. Since 2013 they have helped out over 1000 athletes and clubs find the funds for their sports projects.

Sponsorise.Me is available for all kinds of sports projects: whether you’re a club, an athlete or a coach, you can use the platform to fund all kinds of projects: raise funds for flights to a competition, for a training camp, accommodation, for new equipment, to refurbish you facilities, hire a new coach, etc.

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Success Stories
Selina Litt

In 2013 Selina ranked Number 1 in both Great Britain and Europe for the T11 (totally blind) 100m. The following year she went on to represent England at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games where she placed 5th in the T11/12 100m. She has been using Sponsorise.Me to raise funds to cover physio and Sports massage costs

Explore her campaign here: https://uk.sponsorise.me/en/project-support-selina-to-sprint-to-success

Tom Burton

27 years old International from Tamworth, who broke into the UK top 3 for the first time in 2014 has continued to improve his personal best performance to a position where he met the qualification standard for Rio 49.50. Tom raised funds to support his ambition of representing Great Britain & North Ireland in the 2016 Olympics, both supporting his training costs and allowing him the opportunity to take time away from his work to put everything into realising this aim.

Explore his campaign here: https://uk.sponsorise.me/en/project-tomburton

How It Works

Crowdfunding is an alternative (or complementary) way of raising funds for projects by asking people in the local and wider community to donate small amounts of money to your project.

In exchange for their financial contribution, supporters receive unique rewards from the project owner (A training session, a signed shirt, a picture, etc.)

Sponsorise.Me can help you to engage with your fans to raise money for new equipment, coaching, etc.

The All Or Nothing Rule

Project owner (Athlete or club)
Collected funds are released only if and when 100% of the funding goal is reached.

Supporters are charged only if and when the project reaches its funding goal.


Starting a project is completely free.
The following fees are applied only if your project is funded:

  • Sponsorise.me: 8%
  • Payment partner: 2%