Eligibility and Club Transfer - flow chart

Eligibility and Club Transfer - flow chart

This flow chart details the change in process in relation to Eligibility and Club Transfer matters in accordance with the 2016 UKA Rule Book transfer requirements.

2018 Rules for Competition

The 2018 UKA Rules for Competition have now been published. Please note, the Rule which determined that athletes would become eligible to compete in Team Events for their new club from the first of the month following clearance by the Eligibility Committee has been amended to allow athletes changing clubs to be eligible to compete for their new club with immediate effect following clearance by the Eligibility Committee. Note that this can only apply if a resignation has been accepted by the previous first claim club and if no disputes are identified and where an online transfer process is used and all parties agree that no detailed scrutiny is necessary. In all other cases the current rule applies and clearance will be on the 1st of the following month.

The online change of club process is being updated to reflect this rule change and will be available as soon as possible. In the meantime, this is being managed manually by England Athletics’ Membership Services team, who will endeavour to update the system as soon as possible.

Change of clubs flowchart. If you require help with a change of club please email enquiries@englandathletics.org or phone 0121 347 6543

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