Why coaches choose KT Tape

Quick to learn, simple to use and more effective than alternative brands; that’s the encouraging feedback we’ve heard recently from coaches about KT Tape.

Here, England Athletics Features Writer, Paul Larkins finds out more about taping and the role it plays in injury prevention and pain management as well as delving into the reasons why coaches are choosing it personally and professionally.

At first glance applying sports tape certainly looks like it might be the sole preserve of a highly qualified physio but, says coach and runner Mark Alderson it’s actually very easy to pick up the basics and, he says, it’s something you should have in your locker when it comes to helping your athletes achieve their best.

“I watched carefully with interest how it was applied by my physio, the direction, the cut, the stretch, tightness etc. I thought this can’t be too difficult, so I watched a few videos that night and ordered a few rolls of different tape, before I knew it, I was applying the tape myself, saving money, and taking pride in the self-managed recovery process I was going through.”

Radley Athletic Club’s Stef Bazylkiewicz agrees.

“I love KT tape. I've used other brands of tape and they've not helped as much as KT,” she says. “I've just qualified as a sports massage practitioner and want to do more injury preventative courses and would love to use KT tape. The athletes I coach are also very injury-prone, so I want to get them to try the tape too. I was using the tape on my feet as I was having really strange pains and since using it, I've actually not felt the pain since.”

They both believe using KT tape is something all athletes and coaches can benefit from and Russell Shawcroft Senior Director for International Sales at KT Tape would agree stating “from the moment it’s applied KT Tape will provide the much needed pain relief and support that your body needs”

Russell continued,

“In turn, that pain relief and support can help in reducing the load being put through the injured area which then means you’ll be able to run, throw or jump using your usual posture and range of mobility.” Truly, a win-win as that support and comfort KT tape creates can help with an athlete’s confidence. And we all know how important that is – it’s often the first thing to go with an injury and the last to return!

It's no surprise you’ll have seen England internationals on TV sporting KT tape performing at a world class level, but it is fascinating to listen to these coaches talk about the role KT tape plays in their training week.

Mark Alderson says:

“For several years I have suggested tape to others as a way of preventing injury, support during an event, and of course for pain management afterwards too. In fact, during the Marathon de Sables I found myself applying tape to a couple of smelly tent mates! I have also regularly applied tape to my partner too, as well as others as for me it is a God send.”

So, what is it exactly? KT Tape is an elastic sports tape that is lightweight and gives support to muscles, tendons, and ligaments that allows for full range of motion. Its durable fabric, formulated adhesive, and quality elastic means you can wear it in comfort for days at a time, through showers and sweat alike. And as its pre-cut into convenient strips its easy-to-apply. Use the KT Tape video tutorials to make sure you apply it all correctly and you’re away.


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