Weekly30 league table - week 3

Weekly30 Run Challenge Update: our Week 3 winners are announced! 🏅 With group running and mass participation events currently restricted, the Weekly30 Run Challenge gives individuals a perfect incentive to run on a weekly basis whilst also proudly representing their club and their sport.

If you think you or your club could take on our latest champions then join our Weekly30 Run Challenge - you can still sign-up to compete each weekend.


Based on distance run in 30 mins, give a cheer for South Cheshire Harriers who top the Week 3 team table, plus Week 3 champion men's runner Martin Alvarez-Espinar of Thames Hare & Hounds and Week 3 champion women's runner Emma Caplan of Bournemouth AC & Team Runderwear.

Based on distance run in 30 mins… give a round of applause for MadRunners, again the leading RunTogether group, along with Week 3 men's RunTogether champion John Walker of Fitmums & Friends and Week 3 women's RunTogether champion Adele Bovingdon of Team Mike Edwards.

Running Clubs

(Average performance by club member, minimum 3 per team)

  1. South Cheshire Harriers
  2. South Shields Harriers and AC
  3. Bournemouth AC


  1. MadRunners
  2. Heathfield Park Runners
  3. Baswich Run4Fun

Individual Men

  1. Martin Alvarez-Espinar (Thames Hare & Hounds) 8690m
  2. Matthew Jacklin (Aberdare Valley) 8557m
  3. Danny Buxton (South Cheshire Harriers) 8465m

Individual Women

  1. Emma Caplan (Bournemouth AC and Team Runderwear) 7740m
  2. Fran Dembele (South Shields Harriers and AC) 7510m
  3. Nikki Sandell (Bournemouth AC) 7490m

RunTogether Men

  1. John Walker (Fitmums & Friends)  6947m
  2. Mark Hurst (MadRunners)  6763m
  3. Mark Jeffery (Baswich Run4Fun)  6763m

RunTogether Women

  1. Adele Bovingdon (Notts Women Runners/Team Mike Edwards) 6300m
  2. Lorraine Greaves (Notts Women Runners)  5777m
  3. Lisa Seamark Cooke (Fitmums & Friends)  5761m

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