We Move Together - our new strategy video

We are proud to launch our new video which supports England Athletics’ strategic vision for athletics to become an inclusive sport where everyone belongs and can flourish.

Athletics is where it all begins. Learning to run, jump and throw is the foundation for a lifetime of activity. From playground to podium our sport offers everybody, irrespective of size, shape, cultural background or disability, the opportunity to achieve great things and to live a healthier and happier life.

Video: England Athletics Strategy - We Move Together. Watch on YouTube.

As the not-for-profit governing body of grassroots athletics in England, our mission remains to enhance experiences and create new opportunities to inspire more athletes and runners of all abilities and backgrounds to fulfil their potential and to have a lifelong love for the sport.

England Athletics strategy infographic

To develop a successful and inclusive talent pathway we need to create a world-class support system of clubs, coaches, officials and competition. To make sure this system thrives with a continuous supply of athletes, we need to create opportunities for more people to find the sport and, from there, sustain their participation in the sport. The key to sustaining participation will be improving experiences for everyone involved and putting the needs of athletes and runners at the heart of everything we do.

We Move Together

We know the only way to build on the progress so far and fully maximise the power of athletics and running is by working as one. We achieve more when we move together.

The pandemic shook us all, but over the last 18 months, together, we’ve helped our sport get back on its feet.

Last summer’s Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games saw Team England inspiring the nation and we know athletics is unique in terms of its accessibility and inclusivity.

We’ve come a long way and, together, we’ve achieved some amazing things in the last 12-months.

Looking Back on 2021-22 infographic600

But we know there remain challenges ahead. Hurdles that we need the help of our 1,400 affiliated clubs and 165,000 registered athletes to overcome.

We know our competition offering needs work for our athletes and members, across all age groups and disciplines, to thrive.

We want more people to enjoy lifelong participation in the sport and reach their true potential, from recreational runners to those pulling on an England vest.

Making competitions more appealing for our younger athletes and striking that balance between having that deep base of volunteer technical officials and being more efficient on how they are deployed are just two areas into which we will be investing further, such as through digital systems and technology aligned with our strategic direction through to 2032.

We will make it easier for those looking to start their journey into officiating or coaching and provide more routes for existing participants to further develop their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Every day, in villages, towns, cities and regions across England there are lives of school children through to masters athletes being changed through the power of our sport.

With the very real impact that the current cost-of-living crisis is having, it’s even more important for the athletics and running community to demonstrate why our sport is so important from a community and societal viewpoint as well its obvious physical and mental health benefits.