Coaches and leaders are the key individuals that support athletes and help them develop. They inspire, support and work across all events, ability levels, aspirations, and ages. When we help our coaches and leaders to be the best they can be, the whole sport benefits.

England Athletics wants to inspire coaches by providing direct support through the programmes we run but also through enabling coaches to share knowledge and experiences by providing platforms to engage and provide links.  We will map a clear pathway for coaches to progress their practice with the aim of increasing the number of coaches; the retention of coaches; and the quality and enjoyment of coaching of coaching by coaches. Through this we aim to produce better athlete enjoyment and performance as well.

England Athletics will deliver on the aims above through three arms of support;

1 Coaching Qualifications

The formal courses that lead to becoming a licensed and qualified Leader or Athletics Coach. Click here to read more about coaching qualifications.

2 Formalised Coach Development

A programme of structured workshop opportunities targeted at coaches at different stages in their coaching journey. Click here to learn more about continuing coach development.

3 Event specialist coaching opportunities

Whether a National Level coach working with athletes aspiring to international competition or a developing leader working to increase health and well-being, England Athletics will deliver a programme of activities to engage and support the coach post qualification. These will include Workshops, Master Classes, Conferences and, Coach and Athlete Training and Education days.  Click here to learn more about continuing coach development

Managing your online profile

Once you have started on the coaching pathway (or if you are already a registered athlete or official) you will have a profile created for you at You can log into this to:

  • Check your DBS status
  • View your qualifications and courses undertaken
  • Ensure that your email address (and postal address) are up to date so you can be sent information such as the coaching ebulletins containing information on opportunities and support available for coaches

To access a guide to using the portal and how to manage your profile please click here.

Feeding back on our work with coaches

Information about different aspects of England Athletics work with coaches is available throughout this section. If you have feedback or comments about England Athletics' work with coaches you wish to feedback you can do so via the staff identified as leading on the specific area of work. You can also feed back views through your council portfolio holder for coaching. The details for these people are available at at