Upcoming speed coaching events

There are a number of upcoming sessions on speed (sprints and hurdles) for coaches.

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Regional coach and athlete development sessions (speed)

These speed events take place online on 13 and 27 March.

As we are not able to meet in person and see your athletes in action, we will provide the option for coaches to send in videos of their athletes in training so that they can get feedback and advice

  • 13 March (10am-1pm): hosted by Graham Pilkington (North)
  • 13 March (9am-12pm): hosted by Martin Owens and Harry King (South West)
  • 13 March (2-5pm): hosted by Michael Baker (Midlands)
  • 27 March (2-5pm): hosted by Mike Leonard (South East)

Each session will discuss the Technical Excellence Framework (TEF) - a tool being used throughout the talent pathway to ensure that every athlete has a solid template to help them run technically well for their event. Your Regional Coach Lead will be presenting and discussing the maximum velocity phase of the flat sprint events. For hurdlers the discussion will be race modelling and race pace to hurdle 1.

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Regional online coaching network sessions (speed)

A chance to share good practice, express what issues you are having within your coaching practice and environments and discuss coaching questions and topics. You will be able to listen to and share your solutions, ideas and best practice on all things sprints and hurdles!

These meetings also offer the opportunity to receive support from our Regional Coach Leads (RCLs).

  • 8 March (6-7pm): hosted by Martin Owens and Harry King (South West)
  • 22 March (7-8pm): hosted by Michael Baker (Midlands)

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Speed coaching webinars

This series of free webinars focuses on developmental topics for the various speed events.

  • 10 March (6.30-8pm): Ensuring your drills are fit for purpose. Hosted by Graham Pilkington
  • 24 March (6.30-7.30pm): Critical Aspects of Sprint Hurdling. Hosted by Tony Jarrett
  • 7th April (6.30-8pm): Peaking for Championships. Hosted by Michael Baker
  • 21st April (6.30-8pm): Coaching Teenagers. Hosted by Mike Leonard

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