Upcoming Regional Coach and Athlete Technical Workshops

The Regional Coach & Athlete Technical Workshops are back for 2018/2019 - these workshops are aimed at all coaches who have a coaching licence, and aim is to bring coaches and athletes together to network and improve coaching practice

We have significantly restructured these workshops in order to give coaches and athletes the best possible learning experience.

The sessions will be delivered by our England Athletics Regional Coach Lead with the support from National Level Coaches in the Regions. Coaches are encouraged to bring and athletes or athletes with them.

The courses take place in all corners of the country - with 4 of each on 14 October, 11 November and 3 March.

Topics covered will include:

  • General physical preparation
  • Functional movement screening
  • Keeping athletes healthy
  • Movement efficiency
  • Identifying physical limitations that could inhibit performance
  • Developing practical coaching concepts relevant to a club environment
  • Developing a general warm up
  • Improving technical efficiency through drills
  • Event Specific Practical Session
  • Coaching interventions and strategies
  • Expert guidance and support from England Athletics Regional Coach Leads
  • Question and Answer session with England Athletics Regional Coach Leads