South West Region Road Running Championships 2018

County teams from across the South West will be competing in two regional events this October - the Great West Run at Exeter and the City of Gloucester 10k.

“We consulted with all the county team managers across the region about what to include in this year’s Championship”, says Tony Gale from England Athletics South West Region. "Everybody wanted to include a Half Marathon and a 10k - and we took a vote as to which actual events to select. One or two people were surprised to find that our chosen events are within a couple of weeks of each other, but others have commented that it will be a good opportunity to have a tight focus on inter-county competition during that time."

The Championships are organised by England Athletics South West Regional Council as part of their remit to promote all aspects of athletics and running across the region.

"I'm very pleased to get notice out early on the chosen events for this year as it gives potential team members time to plan ahead", says Devon County Manager Dave Phillips. "A number of Devon runners have already expressed interest in participating." He continued, "The Championships provide a great and much needed platform for the best road runners to compete not only against each other but also for their team”, says Wiltshire’s Simon Nott. “This fosters a great team spirit among our athletes."

Norman Wilson reports that, "Gloucestershire AAA are pleased to announce that one of our county events has been selected to host the South West Area Road Running Championships for 2018. This is the first time for a while now that such an area championships has been held in the North of the region. There are a good number of athletes in the South West that are coming to National prominence and this will be a wonderful opportunity for the region to showcase that talent."

The last word goes to Cornwall Team Manager Emma Stepto. "The SW Championships offer really valuable competition as they provide athletes with great inspiration to improve their running - aiming to be selected to run for their county and compete against the best in the region. They also build a great deal of local pride, support and collaboration between the county's clubs. I can see this competition gaining huge momentum each year and am so pleased we have a wealth of talent in Cornwall interested in taking part."

Championship Events 2018

  • Great West Run (Half Marathon), Exeter 14th October
  • City of Gloucester 10k 28th October

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