South West Mini Marathon 2018 teams announced

England Athletics South West region are pleased to announce that selections have been made for the Mini Marathon team who will compete against the other regions at the London Mini Marathon which takes place on 22nd April 2018.

One of the Selection Committee remarked, "This was very challenging once again. With such a range of athletes applying and at such a high standard it was difficult for the selection team and we know there will be some disappointments. However, we wish our selected team good luck at this year's event."

The team managers this year are Dave Varney who will act as Boys' Team Lead and Sonya Ellis as the Girls' Team Lead.

U13 Girls

  • Maisy Luke
  • Abigail Jose
  • Hannah Blundy
  • Keira Devereux
  • Amelia Riggott
  • Scarlett Livingstone


  • Iona Farquharson
  • Jess Courtneyr

U15 Girls

  • Beatrice Wood
  • Emilie Castagna
  • Dalis Jones
  • Rose Hamilton James
  • Millie Porter
  • Emily Shaw


  • Phoebe Clark
  • Kate Howard

U17 Girls

  • Grace Copeland
  • Grace Brock
  • Caitlin Apps
  • Jade Littlechild
  • Chloe Olford
  • Ellie Hobbs


  • Madeleine Johnson

U13 Boys

  • William Rabjohns
  • Lukas Bailey
  • Charlie Hague
  • Oliver Capps
  • Seamus Robinson
  • Samuel Mills


  • Artie Swaine
  • Dylan Stoneman

U15 Boys

  • Oliver Smart
  • Rees Stewart
  • Flynn Jennings
  • Alex Parsons
  • Tom Heal
  • Johnny Livingstone


  • Matthew Quarterman
  • Benjy McCartney

U17 Boys:

  • Finn Birnie
  • Elliot Moran
  • Samuel Goodchild
  • Harris Mier
  • Max Davis
  • Sam Gentry


  • Ben Lewis
  • Callum Smith