#RunAndRevise 2020 - register to host a run!

#RunAndRevise is back for 2020! The #RunAndRevise campaign, from England Athletics and supported by Mind the mental health charity, encourages students aged 16-18 at school, or aged 18-25 at college or university, to take a break from revision, relieve exam stress and improve their mental wellbeing through running.

England Athletics affiliated clubs and partners, along with RunTogether groups and educational organisations, can get involved by registering now to host an organised #RunAndRevise run during the week of 18-24 May (Mental Health Awareness Week).

From Monday 20 April 2020, students will then be able to sign-up to join an organised run, of a mile or further, to improve their mental wellbeing and to talk about mental health during this important study period.

Register now to host a run!

You can register now to host your #RunAndRevise run during 18-24 May! We are encouraging England Athletics affiliated clubs, partner organisations and RunTogether groups to host a public #RunAndRevise session to help students improve their mental wellbeing through running and to help make #RunAndRevise 2020 as successful as possible.

#RunAndRevise organised runs can be as part of a regular club/group run or you can organise a specific one aimed at 16-25 year olds or for a particular age range (16-18 or 18-25 year olds).

To register an organised #RunAndRevise run:

  • If you are registered on RunTogether - simply login on the RunTogether website and tag the relevant run/runs* that are happening during that week. Add a tag at the bottom of the page when setting up a new run or editing an existing run by clicking the #RunAndRevise checkbox. *please tag the run as well as the session
  • If you are not registered on RunTogether - please click here to register your run information. Your run will be created for you and you will then be invited to update and manage your run on the RunTogether platform. This includes determining when the run is full to ensure coach/leader to runner ratios are appropriate. Please give us a few days to upload your run, we’ll let you know once it has been done.

For more information on how to register and organise your run, click here to visit the #RunAndRevise webpage and click here to read our #RunAndRevise Organised Runs information sheet.

Promote Your Run

Once you have signed up to host an organised run then you can access a range of free-to-download promotional materials including posters, social media imagery and templated letters through the MarketingHub. This will help you prepare ahead of 20 April when students will be able to book on to join your runs.  Click here to find out more.

For further information or support regarding #RunAndRevise please contact: