Podcast #58: Behind the scenes of Emmanuel Sosanya's training

The latest England Athletics Podcast goes behind the scenes of a winter training session at the London Marathon Community Track with Newham and Essex Beagles sprinter Emmanuel Sosanya and his coach Coral Nourrice.

Emmanuel talks to host Alex Seftel about balancing athletics with being a fashion model, discusses meeting Wayde van Niekerk at the track at the London Diamond League, and explains his outlook on life including his Christian faith. They also discuss the illustrious history of the club and the importance of connection between coach and athlete, with Emmanuel describing Coral as "a mother figure".

"It's more than just training," he says. "Coach always gives us that advice, that support that we need off the track, whether it's with work, with studies, she knows it's bigger than just athletics, because this is just a small part of our life.

"You are trying to survive, you are trying to make money as well, we are in a cost of living crisis, so there's a bunch of things going on in your mind. Sometimes you get to the track and you might not be in the best place mentally, physically, but you try to just find whatever you can to get you on the track or in the field. Not every session is going to be perfect."

Coral adds: "I love the sport, so I always give the commitment as long as I get it back from the athletes. You have got to have someone who is approachable, even with coaching, you have got to have somebody who you can relate to."

Emmanuel admits that he is someone who likes to keep himself busy and modelling has been a part-time role that he has enjoyed since he was at university. "It is very much face value. Whether you have to do a shoot in person, a self tape and send it off, or a casting, it's really much like whatever you give them, that is what they see.

"It is very similar (to running times on the track) because if you are in a race and you don't really run the time you are looking for, it is easy to think that people are looking. People are going to talk regardless. That is just life. It is getting to a level where you are content. If it is something that is meant to be, it's going to be. I try not to stress."

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