Paul Evenden: 1965-2018

It was with great sadness that the athletic world learned the passing of throws coach Paul Evenden following a long illness which he fought until the end.

Following a very successful career in the RAF  Paul learnt his coaching skills at Leeds under the guidance of Wilf Paish and was soon developing a squad of his own, over the years he produced a number of very good athletes but Paul was not just a good throws coach he was a coach and family man that touched the heart and souls of so many people that he came in contact with. Lucy Holmes - whom he coached from a young age to international level - on hearing of his passing said not only was he a great coach who knew his stuff but also a kind human being that cared about the person.

Paul was also a coach that cared about the sport -especially throwing - and would always be prepared to support the development of other coaches. You could often see him at competitions and training sessions passing on the knowledge he gained over many years to others.  Paul’s love of athletics was passed on to his family with his wife Ros becoming a field official and his three children Hannah, Stacey and Karl were all throwers.