New School Cross Country Champions Crowned

Six new champions were crowned this weekend at the English Schools' AA Cross Country Championships.

The event this year was held at Wollaton Park in Nottinghamshire with different combinations of loops for each age group; Junior, Inter and Senior Girls ran loops of 3.5k, 3.9k and 4.5k and the boys 4.2k, 5.7k and 7k.

Team results

The first 6 finishers in each team count towards the team competition; this gave Surrey Schools double gold (Junior Girls and Inter Boys), with West Yorkshire winning the Senior Girls and Berkshire the Inter Girls. The Senior Boys' team title went to Mersey, and Greater Manchester Schools were the Junior Boys top team.

Individual results

Innes FitzGerald (Exeter AC), Zoe Gilbody (Wreake & Soar Valley, John Skevington), Molly Carvell (Liverpool Harriers, John Cross) won the Junior, Inter and Senior Girls' titles respectively, while George Couttie (Harrogate, Joanne Day), Sam Plummer (Colchester & Tendring) and Joe Scanes (Blackheath & Bromley) were top boys. Note, we are recognising each athlete's affiliated club and licensed coach above, but their representative School County is in the below results.

Senior Girls

  1. Innes FitzGerald (Devon) 15:21
  2. Rebecca Flaherty (West Yorkshire) 16:13
  3. Lauren Russell (Middlesex) 16:22

Inter Girls

  1. Zoe Gilbody (Shropshire) 11:50
  2. Saikira King (Leicestershire & Rutland) 11:55
  3. Isla McGowan (Oxfordshire) 12:10

Junior Girls

  1. Molly Carvell (Merseyside) 12:16
  2. Ellarose Whitworth (Lincolnshire) 12:17
  3. Olivia Forrest (Essex) 12:17

Senior Boys

  1. George Couttie (North Yorkshire) 19:12
  2. Luke Birdseye (Berkshire) 19:17
  3. Ed Bird (Dorset) 19:18

Inter Boys

  1. Sam Plummer (Essex) 16:41
  2. Alex Lennon (Surrey) 16:59
  3. Jacob Pearce (Surrey) 17:00

Junior Boys

  1. Joe Scanes (Kent) 14:04
  2. Neil Homer (West Midlands) 14:09
  3. Pio Aron (G Manchester) 14:13

Photo of Junior Girls by Gary Mitchell