National Coaching Week: Denise Timms

This week, England Athletics (along with UK Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, Scottish Athletics and Welsh Athletics) are supporting UK Coaching’s ‘Coaching Week’ by showcasing great coaching stories about the many coaches who volunteer their time to do great work in support of individuals and communities across the country. The theme of this year’s initiative, led by UK Coaching, is healthy and happier communities, and this week we are showcasing these stories on our websites and social media channels.

Today's nominated coach is Denise Timms.

What impact there learning as a coach has had on the athletes they coach?

Trevor is exceptionally pastorally led and it is clearly evident to all athletes/parents/coaches that come in to contact with Trevor, that he strives to place wellbeing at the forefront of all decision making processes that will impact upon the individual.

How as the coaches practice impacted on the community and mental / social well-being of the people they coach?

I genuinely believe the positive impact Trevor has on individual is unmatched, Trevor facilitates the growth and development of the athlete both mentally and physically, therefore equipping the athlete to cope with the demands of participation in the sport.

How in your view can coaching help with the above?

Essentially growth and development are key in regards to instilling the skills an athlete requires to manage there mental wellbeing throughout the athlete journey, allowing the athlete to implement and manage coping strategies to help them through challenging periods.

How can UKA Coach Education help with this?

Ensuring that Mental Skills is an integral part of the coach education pathway, and ensuring that coaches equip there athletes accordingly to ensure the athlete can grow and develop mentally to learn to manage challenging periods.

Denise Timms