Medway Park Track professionally cleaned

Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club are extremely pleased with the outcome of the recent professional track clean at Medway Park Track, Gillingham. 

The club had been trying to get the track cleaned for many years.  The cleaning was made possible by financial contributions by England Athletics, Medway Council, Kent County Athletics Association and Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club.

The artificial track surface had been engrained with dirt over many years and surface algae meant the track was extremely slippery.

Cleaning Medway Park trackThe clean was carried out starting Monday 14 March and was finished on Tuesday 22 March. After the clean, the track looks almost as good as when it was first installed.  The clean included the 8-lane track, with 10-lane straight as well as javelin, high jump, pole-vault and long jump run-up surfaces.

The club had planned to re-paint the track surface markings (start, relay and hurdles) with new paint, but these are now very clear. Cleaning has also helped drainage of track surface water.

Previously, an attempt to clean the track had been made, but as this didn’t utilize specific track cleaning machinery the results were very poor.  This recent clean highlights the importance of regular track cleaning using professional track cleaning equipment.