Marathon programme - new opportunities for athletes and coaches

England Athletics have a new marathon programme that will support coaches and athletes with the aim of significantly raising the depth of performance at this event. We know that we can only do this in partnership with the coaches, clubs and athletes. This winter activities will include two performance group weekends in the Forest of Dean as well as a series of evenings focussed on marathon preparation.

Marathon Programme lead Nick Anderson said, "We are committed to driving the standards of both men's and women's marathon running forwards. To do this it is essential that the coaches and athletes who aspire to achieve high standards in these events can access support and also work together to look at how collaboration around training, racing and sharing of knowledge can all be used to help us progress.

"The marathon weekends we are holding on Friday 1 to Sunday 3 December and Friday 2 to Sunday 4 February are a key aspect of this. We are looking to bring together the coaches and their athletes who are at a standard of sub-2.55 for marathon or sub 80 half marathon for women and sub-2.28 marathon or sub-68 half marathon for men.

"We would also love to hear from other athletes currently competing at a similar level at 10k or cross country who are targeting a move up to the marathon in the next 18 months or so.

"We know we have many dedicated athletes and coaches who are already at a good level and are capable of progressing. It is essential we give them the support and encouragement needed, and work together to support each other if we are to hit the targets that we have set for ourselves and which will enable athletes to fulfil their potential.

"Having worked with Bud Baldaro on an event group for marathon previously we have together seen how this can be approached. We will be making the most of the expertise of people like Bud as we work on this new programme. I would encourage athletes and coaches to get involved, not only as they will benefit from this work, but also as their contribution and involvement will be valued by others as we work together."

Each of the performance group training weekends will see a mixture of group training sessions and time to train, coach network and development sessions. There will be talks from experienced coaches and athletes to share best practice as well as opportunities to join marathon training camps in Spring 2018.

In addition to athletes at the national performance group level, athletes and coaches who are at 'good for age' level or working to be at this standard are able to attend the marathon preparation evenings which are planned.

The Marathon Preparation evenings will see Nick working alongside people such as coach Bud Baldaro, physiologist Charlie Pedlar and Coach and Physiologist Andi Drake. These will be held on ednesday 10 January 2018 at St Mary’s University, Wednesday 17 January 2018 at Birmingham University, Wednesday 24 January 2018 at Leeds University, and on Wednesday 31 January 2018, at Anglia Ruskin University.

To see more about the Performance Group weekends and the Marathon Preparation Evenings, and to book on these events, please click here.

Nick Anderson can be contacted at

The 2017 National Endurance Conference will host a break out marathon group for all attendees.

By the start of the Commonwealth Games of 2022, England Athletics aim to have;

  • Five English women inside 2.30
  • 20 English women inside 2.40
  • 100 English women inside 2.55
  • Five English men inside in 2.14
  • 20 English men inside 2.20
  • 100 English men inside 2.28

There are also event specific opportunities for the Steeplechase and Race Walking (details below) and you can click here to view coach development opportunites across all event groups.

Steeplechase programme

England Athletics will run a series of coach and athlete training days for all interested in steeplechase.

Helen Clitheroe will be working with leading steeplechase coaches and will be organising these days with the aim of providing practical advice and training tips to coaches and athletes looking to transfer into and develop in the event.


Details are published in our events section as events are announced

Race Walk programme

England Athletics will run a series of coach and athlete training and development camps at the National Race Walking Centre in Leeds. In addition, we will run a series of ‘taster sessions’ and regional coach and athlete activities.


Details are published in our events section as events are announced