Guidance update – step 3 (21 October 2020)

4 November: The below guidance is now on hold during National Lockdown in England. Click here to find out about new Guidance issued 4 November.

England Athletics have been working with Sport England and DCMS on the implications of the tiers for athletics training and competition.  The tables and guidance detailed below now reflect the latest position as of 21 October 2020.  The key changes, affected by the tier structure are travel restrictions, and indoor training and competition especially for Over 18s.

The sport has successfully organised over 250 track and field competitions through the summer, in a safe environment.  We are committed to seeing this great record continue through the winter season of cross country and indoors.  We recognise the challenges faced by all clubs and event organisers and this update reflects the current prevalence of Covid in different parts of the country by detailing what activities can take place in the different tiers.

Tier structure guidance

Click here to download PDF of all Tier Structure Guidance tables as shown below (PDF 600kB)

Tier restrictions - outdoor at 22 October

Tier restrictions - indoor at 22 October

Tier restrictions - travel at 22 October

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runbritain has published its Covid-19 Guidance for Road Race and Multi-Terrain Race Organisers (21 July 2020) - click here for more information and to access the guidance.

Please stay aware of any local lockdown measures and restrictions enforced in your local area. These may be put in place by government at short notice and restrictions may vary across different areas. Click here to view a list of local lockdown areas and the restrictions applicable to those areas. For clubs and venues - if local lockdown measures come into force then please contact your local authority for local-specific advice. If you are an individual attending a competition or activity which has been permitted by a local authority within a local lockdown area then please ensure you check the local-specific guidelines and restrictions (see above link) and maintain any government or sport/competition social distancing and hygiene requirements.

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4 November: The above guidance is now on hold during National Lockdown in England. Click here to find out about new Guidance issued 4 November.