Return to Competition (updated 18 September)

Please see below for our guidance document for a return to restricted track and field competition in a Covid-19 secure setting (with new guidance for Cross Country added 18 September). This is written knowing that any step back to competition needs to be taken carefully and in full recognition of, and adherence to, government guidance that is in place at the time on Covid-19:  we will update our guidance if and when necessary.

Competition providers need to be aware of any local lockdown restrictions enforced in their area at short notice. A list of areas with Local lockdown restrictions can be viewed here.  If you are delivering a competition event, and local lockdown restrictions are put in place in your area, please contact your local authority for further advice.  If you are attending a competition event which has been permitted by a local authority within a local lockdown area then please ensure you check the local-specific guidelines and restrictions (see above link) and maintain government and competition social distancing and hygiene requirements.

Update: 18 September. A collaboration of England Athletics, the English Cross Country Association and other competition providers are pleased to publish the return to limited competition guidance for Cross Country (see links above). Click here to read an update and watch a video from Martin Rush (Head of Coaching & Athlete Development, England Athletics).

Update: 21 August. Following our update on 4 August 2020 we have subsequently updated our Return to Track & Field Competition guidance – for competitions taking place from 22 August 2020 onwards. We are pleased to announce a step forward in numbers of athletes that can compete in each event at any one time as well as a return to competition for the relay events, 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m. See above for links to the full Return to Competition guidance document and click here for a summary of the changes to the guidance.

Competition schedule

The schedule of competitions below is subject to amendment based on changing conditions across the country:

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General considerations

  1. Athletes will need to be prepared properly before they undertake any competition. Coaches, club managers and parents (where relevant) should ensure any athlete is confident that they are ready to compete.
  2. UKA has undertaken an officials’ survey which details the current availability of officials for competition.  Event organisers will need to ensure all mitigation and wellbeing factors are in place prior to a competition taking place and that these are communicated to officials beforehand.
  3. Flexibility around the number and level of officials will be needed: this may affect licensing options. (Updates to follow)
  4. Venues are obviously a key part of competition and the venue’s management must be confident that they have undertaken the relevant risk assessments and initially err on the side of caution with regards to numbers and events to ensure the risk is managed.
  5. This whole process must be considered as a phased return, where pilot events lead to small local events, then potentially regional and possibly national. It is likely that numbers at each event will be restricted, age groups may be restricted and certain events not possible in the early stages.
  6. Safety, wellbeing and confidence in the systems and organisation of events should be our watch words and actions.

New resources

Please see below for links to new resources in our Resources section: