ERRA Senior and Young Athletes Road Relays 2016

The English Road Running Association autumn road relays take place on Saturday 8 October.

This year the Young Athletes and senior six and four stage events will take place on the same day for the first time (using a similar format to that used by Northern Athletics and more recently the Midland Counties AA).

The timetable for the day at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, is as follows:

11.15 - Under 13 Boys
11.20 - Under 13 Girls
12.05 - Under 15 Boys
12.10 - Under 15 Girls
12.45 - Under 17 Men
12.50 - Under 17 Women
13.50 - Senior Men
14.00 - Senior Women

Presentations will be done throughout the day once results are available and confirmed by the referee.

Information for team managers

With the Young Athletes’ races being held first in the late morning registration in the morning will only be open for the Young Athlete Team registration.

Senior registration will open at 12.30.

All team manager can declare, and make changes, to their team on line at SportSoft up to the morning of the event.

At registration team managers just need to confirm that their last declared team is correct to collect their team’s numbers. (Only one number per athlete not two),

Team entries

Team entries can be viewed and declarations through the SportsSoft website as follows