England team selected for the 2024 Loughborough International

We are pleased to confirm the athletes selected to compete for England at the Loughborough International on Sunday (19 May).

The competition is an important marker in the early outdoor season as athletes look to improve on their current form or chase qualifying standards ahead of this year’s European Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Reigning champions from 2023, England will be up against teams representing Loughborough University, Scotland, Wales, the National Athletics League, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland Under-20s.

Nick Ridgeon, England team leader, said:

“Congratulations to all the selected athletes, personal coaches, clubs and support teams. It’s great to have such a talented, diverse, and inclusive team with the Olympics and Paralympic games later this year in Paris. It is an honour and privilege to lead this gifted team of athletes and staff. I look forward to watching them perform for their country with pride, integrity, and with the hope of inspiring the English fans."

The Loughborough International is part of England Athletics’ ongoing commitment to working with partners to create and support inclusive athlete-centred talent pathways which enable athletes and their coaches to develop, progress and improve performances in all disciplines at every level, as evidenced in our strategy for athletics and running.

S‌tart lists and live results on the day can be found on the Roster app.

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Women's team

  • 100m: Joy Eze (Gateshead Harriers, Mike Donnelly)
  • 100m Hurdles: Etienne Maughan (Bedford & County, Allen Adamson & Janice Kaufman)
  • 100m Ambulant: Sophie Hahn (Charnwood, Leon Baptiste)
  • 200m: Brooke Ironside (Bournemouth AC, Zac Kerin)
  • 400m: Hannah Kelly (Bolton United Harriers, Les Hall)
  • 400m Hurdles: Orla Brennan (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow, Mike Bennett)
  • 800m: Grace Vans Agnew (Brighton Phoenix, Dan Stepney)
  • Mile: Lauren Church (Reading AC, Mark Booth)
  • 3000m: Innes Fitzgerald (Exeter Harriers, Gavin Pavey)
  • 3000m Steeple Chase: Alice Murray-Gourlay (Taunton AC, Charlotte Fisher)
  • High Jump: Halle Ferguson (Trafford AC, Andrew Wood)
  • Long Jump: Alice Hopkins (Oxford City AC, Linford Christie)
  • Triple Jump: Lily Hulland (Thames Valley, Femi Akinsanya)
  • Pole Vault: Jade Ive (Sutton & District, Brian Hooper)
  • Shot: Serena Vincent (City of Portsmouth AC, Mike Winch & Andrew Vincent)
  • Discus: Phoebe Dowson (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow, Paul Wilson)
  • Hammer: Charlotte Payne (Reading AC, Paul Dickenson)
  • Javelin: Lauren Farley (Blackheath & Bromley, Mark Chapman)
  • 4x100m
    • Rachel Bennett (Sale Harriers, Anita Richardson)
    • Joy Eze (Gateshead Harriers, Mike Donnelly)
    • Jennifer Eduwu (Blackheath & Bromley, Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun)
    • Elise Modeste (Enfield & Haringey, Joshua Nevers-Simpson)
    • Darcey Kuypers (Blackheath & Bromley, Linford Christie)
    • Susanna Banjo (Newham & Essex Beagles)
  • 4x400m
    • Katarina Johnson-Thompson (Liverpool Harriers, Aston Moore)
    • Amelia Briggs-Goode (Notts AC, Mark Goode)
    • Charlotte Kelsey (Middlesbrough AC, Jane Kelsey)
    • Amy Hillyard (Birchfield Harriers, Stewart Marshall)
    • Orla Brennan (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow, Mike Bennett)
    • Hannah Kelly (Bolton United Harriers, Les Hall)

Men's team

  • 100m: Marcus McLean (Sale Harriers Manchester, John Smith)
  • 110m Hurdles: David Naylor (Crewe & Nantwich AC, Dom Bradley)
  • 100m Ambulant: Dan Gladman (Warrington AC, James Gladman)
  • 200m: Luke Dorrell (Adershot, Farnham & District, Linford Christie)
  • 400m: Lee Thompson (City of Sheffield & Dearne AC, John Henson)
  • 400m Ambulant: Shaun Burrows (Charnwood, Joe McDonnell)
  • 400m Hurdles: Tyri Donovan (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow, Marina Armstrong)
  • 800m: Jack Higgins (Tonbridge AC, Mark Hookway)
  • Mile: Sam Charig (City of Portsmouth, Alex Budd/Craig Winrow)
  • 1500m Ambulant: Brandon Ballard (Huntingdonshire, Denise Korkmaz)
  • 3000m: Max Heyden (Belgrave Harriers)
  • 3000m Steeple Chase: Ricky Harvie (Bracknell AC)
  • High Jump: Thomas Hewes (Chelmsford AC, Grant Brown)
  • Long Jump: Alexander Farquharson (Birchfield Harriers, Aston Moore)
  • Triple Jump: Efe Uwaifo (Harrow AC, Dan Hooker)
  • Pole Vault: Lazarus Benjamin (Sale Harriers Manchester, Matt Cullen, Andy Ashurst)
  • Shot: Andrew Knight (Southampton AC, Dave Calloway)
  • Discus: Greg Thompson (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, Neville Thompson)
  • Hammer: Jake Norris (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow, Paul Dickenson)
  • Javelin: Charlie Evans (Banbury Harriers, Felicity Dawes)
  • 4x100m:
    • Elliot Jones (Liverpool Pembroke Sefton, Leon Baptiste)
    • Harry Taylor (Harrow, Joe McDonnell)
    • Brook Cronin (Walton AC, Andrew Kennard)
    • David Chapman (City of Sheffield & Dearne AC, Charlene Thomas)
    • Marcus McLean (Sale Harriers Manchester, John Smith)
    • Luke Dorrell (Adershot, Farnham & District, Linford Christie)
  • 4x400m:
    • Sam Reardon (Blackheath & Bromley, Nigel Stickings)
    • Thomas Hunter (Sale Harriers Manchester, John Smith)
    • Josh Faulds (Rugby & Northampton AC, James Wright)
    • Michael Shonibare (Victoria Park Harriers & Towers, Clarence Callender)
    • Tyri Donovan (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow, Marina Armstrong)
    • Lee Thompson (City of Sheffield & Dearne AC, John Henson)