Coaching Voices: Hamish Telfer

In the latest Coaching Voices special episode to feature on the England Athletics Podcast, former international cross-country coach Hamish Telfer speaks to hosts Tom McNab and Alex Seftel about his career in athletics.

Hamish coached the likes of Olympians Liz Yelling and Spencer Duval as part of World University Cross Country Championships teams, winning five titles between 1992 and 2004.

In his youth, the former Scottish Football Association ball boy trained with legendary coach John Anderson alongside former athlete and mountaineer Cameron McNeish.

"John had a fundamental philosophy that at that age, we learned every event (in athletics)," says Hamish. "My high jump is higher than my pole vault, but we learned every event!"

The Scot also discusses what the future of coaching could look like in terms of education programmes, theory and visibility.

"We need to look at our coaching workforce and see where the strengths are, see where the weaknesses are.

"If I don't develop as a coach alongside (athlete) development, how can I help them further in their development?"


You can listen to the full interview on your favourite podcast platform and read more about Hamish on the Scottish Distance Running History website.

Featured image: Hamish, on right of GB University team, en route to Turin for World Cross-Country Championship.