Coaching code of practice published by UKA

Following the creation of a working group to create a Coaching Code of Practice for athletics, UK Athletics has published the code that will be introduced over the next 12 months.

The newly created Coaching Code of Practice provides clear guidance on the standards of professional conduct to which UK Athletics expects coaches to adhere, and volunteer coaches to aspire. It has been developed by UKA to help provide clarity of what ‘good’ looks and feels like in terms of coaching behaviours.

The creation of the code, which was led by UKA’s Performance Oversight Committee, ensures that UK Athletics’ organisational values; integrity, communication, accountability, respect and quality performance, are translated into action to help and protect coaches who not only perform such an integral role but also often have immense influence over athletes, who in turn may be young and vulnerable.

Input and guidance in the project was also provided by the key working group comprising UKA’s High Performance Coach Development Manager, UK Coaching, UK Sport Head of Coach Development and UKA’s Senior National Performance Institute Coach.

UKA have introduced the code simultaneously to all levels of the coaching community and its contents should be aspirational for all coaches, regardless of their status. From 1 June 2019, it will be a requirement for coaches employed or contracted by UKA to adhere to the Code of Practice.