Athletics Coach qualification - new courses launching soon

Following the successful launch of the new Athletics Coach courses in April there have been in excess of 150 coaches attend the courses country-wide. With another round of courses due to launch from September we are confident this will increase over the coming months and lead to more coaches, in specific event groups, at club level.

The new Athletics Coach qualification retains the competencies needed to deliver coaching across the seven core events which were part of the former Athletics Coach qualification.

The new course allows coaches the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in more depth in a particular event area of the sport. Coaches, therefore, will now be able to opt for a technical day (day three) in an event group of their choice – whether Speed, Endurance, Jumps or Throws.

The revised qualification will also include content on developing movement skills that underpin running, jumping and throwing, providing an introduction to conditioning elements. Included as part of the Athletics Coach qualification will be access to the new Athletics 365 XL App.

Initial feedback from  the coaching community shows that the new course has been received very positively; feedback from attendees include:

  • “The course has equipped me to carry out the role of an Athletics Coach”
  • “The tutors were brilliant and attentive, can’t recommend them enough”
  • “Many thanks to the tutors for their efforts and professionalism on course”
  • “The tutor delivery team were fantastic. They were knowledgeable, personable, professional, engaging, yet relaxed, friendly and humorous.”


Who is eligible for the Qualification?

Coaches with a Coaching Assistant Qualification or Level 1 award are eligible for the course.

It is envisaged that from September 2018, coaches with Athletics Coach or a Level 2 and above qualification, will be eligible to apply for the Technical Event Group Day (and assessment day linked with this). Coaches opting to do this are advised to complement their knowledge by undertaking the Movement Skills Workshops 1 and 2 (or equivalent delivered by other Home Countries).

Content of the new athletics coach qualification:

  • Technical Knowledge and practical delivery across seven core track and field events
  • Additional technical Knowledge on focus Event Group area (Day 3)
  • Factors Influencing Performance (including Fundamental Movement Skills)
  • Energy Systems and Training Principles
  • Athlete-Centred Coaching
  • The Athlete Development Model and Pathway
  • How People Learn
  • Skill Development
  • Athlete Profiling
  • Short and Medium-term Planning
  • Coaching Process Skills
  • The Role and Responsibilities of a Coach

Details of upcoming coaching courses of all levels are available on our website at