Age Group Masters Opportunities

Following the cancellation of the Trafford 10k due to the recent extreme weather, and the announcement that the event will not be rescheduled in the next eight weeks England Athletics acknowledge the disappointment for many age group runners.

Trafford was selected as a qualifying race to ensure there were similar high quality 10k race opportunities in the North, Midlands and South. There is no alternative equivalent race within the timescale to offer a fair qualification opportunity leading into Birmingham in May and as such we will only be inviting qualifiers from Chichester and Lincoln to the Birmingham 10k in May.

However, we can confirm that Trafford entrants will have the opportunity at the rescheduled race to qualify for a future Age Group Masters team. The same conditions will apply and those runners at the race who meet the published criteria will qualify for an England team. At the moment we are not in a position to say at which event the representative team will compete, but age group runners will be kept informed.

England Athletics will not be looking to select athletes based on rankings now or in the future. Qualification for all England Age Group Teams will remain consistent in terms of selection via position through a qualifying race and thus rewarding runners competing head to head to earn themselves a place on a team.

If you were fortunate to secure an entry for Lincoln 10k, then all the very best for that race and as you have already registered your interest with England Athletics we will accept your results from Lincoln instead.

England Athletics remain committed to further developing opportunities for Age Group runners and we will be announcing further competition opportunities over the coming weeks and months.