5k Your Way: The group dedicated to supporting those impacted by cancer

Organised by Move Against Cancer charity, 5k Your Way welcomes anyone impacted by cancer - people living with or beyond cancer, family and friends, healthcare professionals or those who have lost someone to cancer. Participants can walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer at one of the 5k Your Way meetups on the last Saturday of the month.

We recently caught up with Gillian, the Operational Officer for 5k Your Way, to learn more about the aims of 5k Your Way, the positive difference the group is making in the community, and the benefits felt by the participants.

Physical and mental wellbeing

To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, we begun by discussing the power of movement and asking Gillian about her own experience with walking and running.

5k Your Way group running

"I’ve always been active and I’ve done the odd running race, cycling event or mini triathlon but generally I exercise for fitness, fun and wellbeing. I know how much better I feel physically when I exercise but as I get older, I recognise how much being active positively impacts my mental health. Honestly, if I go for a walk or a run I’ll always feel better afterwards!"

With over 90 groups at designated parkruns across the UK, 5k Your Way has testimonies from hundreds of participants who speak of the physical and mental wellbeing benefits from attending the group’s meetups.

"During treatment, 5k Your Way gave me an opportunity to forget about my medical appointments and to feel grateful that I can still get out there and enjoy life."


Origins and aims

"5k Your Way was set up by oncologist and professional triathlete Lucy Gossage and Move Against Cancer founder Gemma Hillier-Moses," Gillian explains.

5k Your Way group walking

"The groups help to inspire and empower people impacted by cancer to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle."

Run by volunteer ambassadors, 5k Your Way sessions encourage involvement in physical activity in an accessible way. It improves participants’ physical and mental wellbeing and helps build confidence and self-esteem.

"There is persuasive and accumulating evidence that exercise and physical activity during and after cancer has a multitude of benefits including improved physical and psychological well-being, decreased cancer-related tiredness and enhanced self-esteem."

Lucy Gossage

Community and connection

The 5k Your Way groups not only help those participating to forge friendships and combat isolation, but it also encourages people to volunteer, become ambassadors and give back to the community.

"Being a 5k Your Way ambassador holds immense importance to me because it's a platform to combat the isolation often experienced by people with cancer. By encouraging participation in inclusive 5k events, we create opportunities for them to connect with others, fostering a sense of community and support."


"Exercise smooths out the jagged edges of my emotions. 5k Your Way is an important part of that, because I can exercise without the 'performance competition' central to many other exercise groups."

5k Your Way group

Get involved

We finished by asking Gillian what advice she would give anyone looking to join a 5k Your Way group. "Give it a go! Do as much or as little as you wish and do it your way. It’s all about community and connection."

5k Your Way group

"You will feel happier, healthier, loved and supported if you make the first step out of bed. Come and feel the warmth and sunshine inside!"


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