Great Run Local

Great Run Local

Great Run Local is a national network of free, weekly, social and volunteer-led local running events in accessible community areas.

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More about Great Run Local

The aim of Great Run Local
"To increase participation in running through safe and organised running events that provide people with an enjoyable and rewarding running experience."

The objectives of Great Run Local

  • To provide a regular running opportunity for social runners
  • To provide a safe non-intimidating environment to beginners and non-runners
  • To provide a local opportunity for people wanting to improve fitness or manage weight
  • To use Great Run Local as part of a wider ‘Great Run’ journey

What is required
As a not for profit foundation Great Run Local requires volunteers as well as participants to help organise the weekly runs. An event coordinator and team of volunteers are required to stage the event each week, but we do encourage a volunteer rota so that people don’t have to commit every single week and get the chance to run! We require volunteers to help with marshalling of the courses and timing at the finish.

Great Run Local uses a unique mobile phone application that tags each runner’s wristband to record their time. Wristbands are FREE to registered participants and sent in the post.                             

Volunteer training
Great Run Local provides training to volunteers on how to stage the event. This includes marshal duties, set up, meet and greet, timing participants and the offer of First Aid training through our partnership with the British Red Cross.

Where the runs take place
We require a safe, traffic free route. Parks, Recreation Areas, Bridleways and City Centre Footpaths can be used but if you aren’t sure where to stage the event then our team can visit and look at suitable options to stage the run.

How many people take part
Our runs cater for up to 200 participants taking part each week.

How far the run is
Our distances are flexible but we generally offer two distances at each event. A 2km and 5km run caters for beginners and established runners.

The benefits
Great Run Local provides a fantastic opportunity for non-runners and beginners to get started in running. The 2km option provides a shorter starter option for beginners who can then progress to the 5km distance over time.

All our events provide a social start and finish area for participants to meet new people; interact with other new runners, share their stories and offer encouragement to each other. The weekly runs provide participants with the opportunity to attend frequently and maintain the fitness benefits associated with running regularly

So, what next?
We are looking for local organisers who want to get people moving in their community. If you are interested and would like more details please contact the General Manager.

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