Intellectual impairments

Intellectual impairments

In the UK, there are two levels of classification for athletes with a learning disability:

  • UK (national) Classification which is managed by the UK Sports Association and enables athletes to take part in most of the competitions in the UK.  Classification information is on the UKSA website.
  • International (INAS) Classification which enables athletes to compete in European and World Championships - information can also be found on the UKSA website.

Intellectual impairments – national classification

To be eligible for national classification for intellectual impairment athletes must meet the following criteria:

1. Evidence of an IQ of 75 or lower.

2. Evidence of significant limitations in adaptive behaviour - a measure of how intellectual impairment affects both daily life and the ability to respond to life changes and environmental demands.

3. Evidence of Age of Onset pre 18 - must be able to demonstrate that the intellectual impairment was evident before 18 years of age.

How to get classified

1. Athletes with an intellectual impairment must provide supporting documentation to show that they meet the above criteria and are eligible for national classification. This includes:

  • A recent IQ assessment (IQ 75 or lower) or equivalent that clearly illustrates impairment in intellectual functioning i.e. academic statement from a recognised special educational needs school/college for students with an intellectual disability, Statement of Educational Needs or psychology report
  • A recent Adaptive Behaviour Assessment or equivalent that outlines adaptive behaviour limitations in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills i.e. Statement of Educational Needs, psychology report or Disability Living Allowance/Housing Assessment that clearly identifies the support required as resulting from an intellectual disability
  • One of the following if older than 18: IQ test conducted before the age of 18, Statement of Educational Needs, formal report from GP or psychologist with a statement outlining diagnosis prior to the age of 18

2. If supporting documentation demonstrates eligibility for national classification, a provisional national sport class (T/F20) will be allocated and performances will then be monitored to determine if/when INAS (international) classification should be commenced

Further information

For general classification enquiries or to receive an MDF, please contact the British Athletics classification coordinator:
Phone: +44 (0) 7702 335 861

Click here to download the full classificiation document which includes further information and all the impairment classes