Top fundraising tips

Top fundraising tips

Five top tips to help you raise more for your club!

1.    Start using easyfundraising and spread the word!

Once you’re registered, you’ll be the champion of your easyfundraising page. If you’re using easyfundraising and you understand it works it will be easier to tell club members, family and friends about it and ask for their support.

“My advice for any athletics club is to start using easyfundraising straight away, and to keep asking people to sign up and use it. Just reiterate how easy it is!” says Lesley McNicol, Secretary, Law & District AAC (raised £1,200).

2.    Download the toolbar

Add Find & Remind to your internet browser for free. Every time you shop online a reminder pops up encouraging you to claim your donation. This means you’re likely to raise significantly more for your club.

“I always tell people to download the toolbar. It’s a great tool and really easy to use – you just shop online as you would normally and you don’t have to remember to do anything else”, says Fiona Davidson, Assistant Club Secretary at Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club (raised £1,446).

3.    How to Raise More

You’ll find tips and guidance on our website, as well as tools to help you get support for your club. Use our free, ready-made email, Facebook and Twitter posts, poster and flyer to help promote your easyfundraising page. Let people know the service is free, easy and that there really is no catch! Keep promotions going all year round to remind your supporters to use easyfundraising every time they shop online. 

Lesley from Law & District AAC has used the email wording at Christmas, Easter and in the New Year when people are booking holidays. “Following these emails we’ve seem lots of people signing up to support our club, and also raising money.”

4.    Calendar shopping events and exclusive retailer offers

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or the run up to Christmas, keep reminding your supporters to do their spending through easyfundraising so that they are donating (free of charge!) to your club.

“easyfundraising also give retailer offers to their members, and one of these that worked really well was an insurance company offering a large donation. I told the club about this, and lots of people took up the offer – and helped make free cash for the club in the process!” Lesley McNicol, secretary, Law & District AAC.

5.    Buying for business

Do you or your supporters know anyone who buys for business? Whether it’s buying train tickets, flights, hotels or stationery, these bigger purchases are all available with the thousands of retailers who work with easyfundraising – and the donations will soon add up!

Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club is already taking advantage of business buying. “Each time we book hotels or travel for the club we make sure we do it via easyfundraising. We’re planning to ask people if they could do their business buying through easyfundraising so that the club benefits from the donations,” Says Fiona Davison, Assistant Club Secretary.

Follow these tips and keep momentum going with promotions – it’s a great way to raise money and achieve fundraising success for your club.  Click here to download these tips as a PDF document.

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