UK Athletics and HCAF Safeguarding Regulations

The set of Safeguarding Regulations shall apply to:

  • All individuals, clubs, associations, and other organisations involved in any capacity in the sport of Athletics, whether or not members of UK Athletics or an HCAF. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all participants and anyone working within the sport (in a paid or voluntary capacity, and whether as an employee or on a self-employed basis or otherwise) including all licenced Coaches and Officials.
  • All persons (including licenced Coaches and Officials) involved in competitions conducted under the auspices of UKA and the four HCAFs.
  • All Athletes (including Athletes on the WCP), Athlete Representatives and Athlete Support Personnel involved in competitions conducted under the auspices of UKA or an HCAF;
  • Matters concerning or arising out of UKA WCP and Selection Agreement and Code of Conduct for Athletes or Coaches and/or conditions pertaining to participation by Athletes and Coaches in WCP;
  • All members of UKA or an HCAF (including Athletes, Athlete Representatives, Athlete Support Personnel, Coaches, Officials and trainers) involved in competition and/or training camps outside of the United Kingdom. Such individuals shall remain subject to the Safeguarding Regulations during the period from their departure until their return to the United Kingdom.
  • UK Athletics, the four HCAFs, and any Safeguarding Panel, shall have jurisdiction under the Safeguarding Regulations to consider any matter which comes to its attention by any means (including, without limitation, the media) relating to the safety and/or welfare of a Child or an Adult at Risk.
  • The Safeguarding Regulations shall have retrospective effect and may, at the election of UKA, be applied in relation to conduct which occurred prior to the implementation of these Regulations.
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