Young Leaders

Young Leaders

There are a number of ways in which your school can develop young leaders to provide development opportunities for young people and also improve your school's capacity for delivering athletics and other sports.

Young Officials

Schools can encourage young people to become officials - schools, or groups of schools, can request a course at their school. 

The Level 1 Assistent Officials' course is a one day introduction to the key areas of officiating that will enable candidates to assist at track and field meetings under the supervision of a qualified official. 

It is aimed at anyone aged 14 or over interested in gaining an insight and intro duction to the key areas of officiating. 

You can find out more in our Officials' Section.

Leading Athletics

The Leading Athletics programme is suitable for schools to use in developing young people aged 14 or over and their skills in leading athletics as well as enhancing the school’s ability to deliver athletics.  Features of Leading Athletics include:

  • Packed full of useful tips and ideas, the award features
  • Interactive and practical three hour workshop
  • Workbook and Support Resource
  • Set of Game Cards
  • Interactive App available for download at the iTunes App Store and for Android via the Google play.

For more information on how your school can host a workshop and train leaders please see

Youth Sport Trust National Talent Camp

The Youth Sport Trust National Talent Camp builds on the success of the National Young Coaches' Academy and is a one of a kind event, offering a unique opportunity for young coaches to work in a shared learning environment alongside other promising and aspiring young coaches, officials and athletes aged between 14-19 years of age. Coaches, officials and athletes from athletics take part in this event, along with selected individuals from the sports of Boccia, Cycling, Football, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball.

Over the course of the event, young coaches, officials and athletes are supported to develop key skills applicable to each discipline such as philosophy, honesty and ethics, analysis, observation, giving and receiving feedback, emotional intelligence, owning your brand and team you. Attendees will take part in sport specific sessions to apply their learning in an athletics context, but  also benefit from mixed sport sessions with other young coaches, athletes and officials in addition to mixed sport sessions with just the other young coaches.England Athletics will then provide further sport specific support following the event around the ‘what’ to coach skills and further localised help through the Local Coach Development Programme.  Throughout the four days, attendees are challenged by top-level coaches and deliverers to really understand what it will take for them to develop and be the best coach they can. The camp will provide the opportunity to hear from others who are recognised as achieving great things in their sport.

Applications are usually made in August and September each year, with the event taking place in December.