Teaching resources

Teaching resources

Schools Athletics App

This app builds on the highly successful Athletics 365 app and is aimed specifically at teachers and those working in the schools and education environment.

The Schools Athletics app provides a whole host of new and exciting tools and teaching information and is a precursor to future planned developments to the Athletics 365 app which will take place later this year. We would also like to remind coaches and assistant coaches of what is available on the Athletics 365 App and how this can help those coaching athletics in clubs or taking Coaching qualifications.

The England Athletics Schools Athletics App contains high quality interactive teaching resources for both Primary and Secondary schools, along with useful information on how to organise and deliver fun, engaging Awards programmes and athletics competition.  

Both the Primary and Secondary teaching resources are packed full of useful information including Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Activity Cards and Teaching Support Cards to help teachers and those working in schools to maximise the delivery of athletics.

The Schools Athletics App is a must have for those delivering Physical Education, Sport and Athletics in the school’s environment. 

The Schools Athletics App is Split into three sections:

Teaching Primary Schools Athletics

The Teaching Primary Schools Athletics section of this App has been designed to place running, jumping and throwing at the heart of school physical education and to support teachers in delivering athletics activities in an inclusive, exciting and engaging manner.

Teaching Primary Schools Athletics embraces a child’s natural desire to move. The resource focuses upon running, jumping and throwing, the building blocks of athletics, which in turn underpin nearly all other sports and physical activities.

Within this resource teaches will find three Teaching Sections covering the main stages of development: Ages 5 - 7; Ages 7 - 9 and Ages 9 - 12.

Within each of the three Teaching Sections teachers will find:

  • Examples of Schemes of Work
  • Blocks of six-week Lesson Plans
  • Over 20 Activity Cards covering progressions of running, jumping and throwing activities.

In addition, teachers will find information on How to Measure a pupil’s progression and improvement and a series of Support Cards (including Pupil Cards, Top Tip Inclusion Cards, Team Relays and Timed Runs information cards). The Teaching Primary Schools Athletics resource is written to conform to the curriculum requirements in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Primary Schools' Teaching Resource - Hard copy

Run, Jump, Throw is written to conform to the curriculum requirements in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 
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Teaching Secondary Schools Athletics

The Secondary Schools teaching resource builds on the key underpinning movement skills of running, jumping and throwing, meaning this resource can complement the teaching of physical education and many other sports.

This section of the App contains information on developing Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans for secondary schools, providing progressive teaching for all athletics events; delivering fun inclusive lessons and activities, and enabling students to measure and record their progress.

The Teaching Secondary Schools Athletics section covers:

  • Running (Sprints, Sprint Starts, Hurdles, Relays, Endurance Running & Race Walking)
  • Jumping (Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault)
  • Throwing (Shot Put, Javelin, Discus and Hammer)

Many Activity Cards are linked to an online library of video clips (requires wifi connection) which provide further support.

Task Cards

An important part of every child’s cognitive development is to encourage them to explore new things and use self-guided learning to problem-solve and overcome challenges. The Pupil Task Cards provide teachers with a useful tool to encourage self-guided learning; peer observation; movement understanding; feedback and communication skills and is a creative way to expand the lesson.

Each card provides pupils with a series of challenges and/or questions designed to help them develop a greater understanding of each athletics events. These cards can be used to complement the ‘Pupil Task’ section within each Activity Card.

Schools Awards and Competitions

This section contains Awards Programmes and Competition formats designed with the school environment in mind. Awards Programmes and supporting resources can be accessed to help measure a student progression. Short form, exciting competition formats and the appropriate supporting resources to deliver these, can be accessed via the app to help with the delivery of inter and intra school competitions.

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The Athletics 365 App

We would also like to remind all coaches and coaching assistants about the Athletics 365 App that is made available to them when they take a Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach qualification

Athletics 365 App content

All the fundamental elements of the Athletics 365 Programme can be found within this App including all the Coach Support Cards, Games Cards, an extensive online library of Video Clips (requires Wifi connection) and several new additions.

Athletics 365 has been successfully utilised by many athletics clubs. The Athletics 365 App is designed to support coaches, athletics clubs, those delivering athletics in schools and other sports clubs to provide a high quality, fun and enjoyable experience of athletics and developing athleticism.

Those taking the Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach qualification will also find the resources on the Athletics 365 App useful for delivering activities highlighted on these courses. Those taking the Athletics Coach qualification may also benefit from using the App to assist in the preparation of the tasks and session plans which are to be completed before Day Three and Day Four of the course.

The Athletics 365 App is full of useful information on how to plan developmental training programmes; provide progressive coaching for all athletics events, deliver fun inclusive games and activities and provide opportunities for young athletes to measure and record their progress.

Please note in App purchases are required for certain resources.

The Athletics 365 App is split into four sections:

What is Athletics 365?

This section of the App explains what the Athletics 365 programme is and how it can be used to maximise your coaching when working with young developing athletes. This section includes a copy of the full Athletics 365 Curriculum for coaches. The Curriculum doubles up as a series of challenges for the athletes to progress through.

Coaching Athletics 365*

The Coaching Athletics 365 section contains both indoor and outdoor training programmes for athletes, especially young athletes; Coach Support Cards (linked to an online library of video clips – requires wifi connection) to help coaches deliver the Athletics 365 programme across almost all athletics events; over 50 Games cards which are designed to help provide fun and creative ways of delivering athletics, and programmes and resources designed to help measure an athlete’s improvement and progression.

Athletics 365 for Athletes and Parents*

This section of the App contains useful supporting resources and information for athletes and parents to help further develop their athletics skills. Included within the section are Athlete Handbooks which allow the athletes to learn more about how to complete the Athletic 365 challenges in addition to providing supporting advice on how to develop their athletics skills.

Athletics 365 for Clubs

Information on how to implement the Athletics 365 Programme within a club or community setting, along with information on how to run Youth Development Competitions (Under 17 years of age) can be found in this section.

* In App purchase required for some content