Schools Super 8

Schools Super 8

Schools Super 8An 8 event bridging competition format called Schools Super 8 has been piloted with great success. Delivered outdoors, it is aimed at youngsters aged 12-14 (Key stages 3 and 4) but can be applied to older teenagers. It can be easily organised and delivered by teachers, coaches and volunteers in both school or club, and takes around 2 hours to complete. This makes it ideal for schools and clubs who have problems finding time to complete a traditional afternoon-long athletics match!

The team-based run, jump, throw format is fast and furious and is considered a “bridging event” as it transcends both Track & Field short format competitions (usually four events) and the more formal “traditional” longer athletics format. Schools Super 8 can be delivered in the local setting between clusters of schools and clubs with minimal support. We recommend schools and clubs work closely with each other to facilitate competitions. In time, we aim to evolve the competition pathway for Super 8 to include district, county and regional events.

Guidance has also been developed to allow disabled athletes to compete in meaningful and fair competition and contribute performance points to an overall team score alongside their non-disabled peers. Click here to read more.  The information aims to support competition organisers to proactively encourage disabled athletes to compete and offers advice on how this can be done for different numbers of athletes with different impairments.  Click here to register to receive points table and updates. Update coming soon on the inclusive format of Super8

What Does Schools Super 8 Look Like?

  • Four track events cover core disciplines of: short sprint, long sprint, hurdles and mid distance
  • Four field events cover: two jumps and two throws (high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin)
  • More complex/technical events such as triple jump, pole vault, hammer and discus are excluded
  • Three relays (boys and girls 4 x 100m and mixed 8 x medley relay) means all 16 team members compete in a relay
  • With eight core events and each athlete doing one track and one field event, there are two boys and two girls per event per team
  • Two scoring athletes for each event for each team is the same system as ES Cup and traditional athletics
  • A team of 16 will fit on standard school minibus

What are the events?

Sainsbury's School Games logoAll age groups have the same core events of 100m, high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin and relays. Other events differ as follows:

  • Super 8 Start (Under 13s/Year 7): 70m hurdles (girls) and 75m hurdles (boys), 200m and 800m
  • Super 8 Junior (Under 15s/Years 8 and 9): 75m hurdles (girls) and 80m hurdles (boys), 300m and 1500m
  • Super 8 Inter (Under 17s/Years 10 and 11): 80m hurdles (girls) and 100m hurdles (boys), 300m and 1500m
  • A points scoring system to enable disabled athletes to take part in meaningful and fair competition has been developed for the following events (ambulant 100m,200m and 800m, wheelchair 100m and 200m, long jump, ambulant shot and javelin and seated shot, javelin and club throw).