England Age Group Masters teams

Whilst there remains uncertainty surrounding the racing calendar for 2021-2022 we recognise that athletes want to plan their races as early as possible. We are pleased to announce the following details on the Masters Programme for 2021 as well as the qualification and representative races for 2022.

Races marked as TBC will be announced shortly. Please download our FAQ document for all the details you need on eligibility and how qualification works.. To register your intention to qualify please complete this form, then screenshot and retain the acknowledgment you get upon completion.

Representative Races:

Our focus for 2021 will be on ensuring athletes who qualified to represent England in 2019 have the opportunity to race. Representative races in 2021 will be available to all athletes who qualified in 2019 as follows:

Qualifying and Representative Races for 2022:

In 2021-22 we are looking to hold four qualification races for each of the 10k, half marathon and marathon opportunities. In order to qualify you must register your interest in advance of the race you intend to qualify at (you can race more than one qualification race if you wish), enter the race and finish within the top 3 finishers of those who have register an interest to qualify in your age category in the qualification race.

Places will be back filled if a finisher ahead of you has already qualified. You must also have achieved a relevant time standard for the distance either at that race or at a race since 1 January 2020.

The racing calendar remains uncertain so the qualification races lists below are subject to change depending on further restrictions and postponements due to COVID. **All events are still are subject to future changes or restrictions regarding Covid-19** Our update page is www.englandathletics.org/guidanceupdate.


Half Marathon


How to qualify

Click for FAQ document, including eligibility details (PDF 220kB)

To qualify, athletes must:

  • Click here to register online with England Athletics in advance (on or before 30 April)
  • Finish within the top three finishers (of those who registered an intention to qualify) in their age category based on chip times (places are back filled – for example if you finish 4th but the 3rd placed athlete has already qualified you will qualify).
  • Achieve the relevant qualifying standard for their age group at the race or since 1 January 2020
  • Be a member of an Englad Athletics affiliated club

About our Masters programme

England Athletics recognises that a significant amount of the membership of road running clubs is made up of runners aged over thirty-five years. The Age Group Masters competition programme recognises and rewards the significant contribution that these runners make to our sport.

Through an annual rolling programme of qualifying events and representative opportunities we provide Masters runners with a friendly competition format and the chance to earn themselves an England Age Group Masters vest.