EIS video series

EIS video series

Jane Fylan speaks with the English Institute of Sport's Head of Strength and Conditioning Alex Wolf.  The interview is split into 4 videos covering different topics within Strength and Conditioning:

Strength & Conditioning & Performance

  • How would you define strength & conditioning, and other terminology such as physical preparation or athletic development, for Athletics?
  • Could you explain the terms fundamental movements and physical competency and why they are relevant to all Event Groups
  • What contribution can strength and conditioning make to improved performance?

Event Group Differences

  • We’ve heard people talk about developing the appropriate physical qualities for the events. Can you explain what this means?
  • How do the Event Groups differ in their physical quality emphasis – for example comparing endurance athletes to heavy throwers?
  • How can a well-structured and progressive S&C programme help develop a more robust athlete and therefore avoid injury?
  • How can endurance athletes benefit from strength & conditioning training?

Strength & Conditioning or Weightlifting?

  • Is strength and conditioning training just about lifting heavy weights?
  • Can you outline why it is important to develop trunk strength for athletic performance?
  • How important is Olympic style lifting for athletes and are there alternative approaches?
  • If strength & conditioning contributes to improved performance isn’t just doing more the answer to getting better?
  • If a sprinter does not have access to a good strength training facility, can you outline what other methods they might use?

Recovery and Performance

  • What are the differences in recovery times for athletes between forms of training such as weightlifting, plyometrics, long interval running sessions?
  • We see a lot of club and elite athletes using foam rollers and tennis balls before and after training. Can you explain the benefits of this?
  • What are your recommendations on stretching after a sprinting, lifting or plyometrics or session?