Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance. The role of the S&C coach is to bridge the gap between the theory of training and applied training, helping athletes to become faster, stronger and more flexible and to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and remain injury free.

Strength and Conditioning is about more than lifting weights - it encompasses the entire development of the athlete and what is needed to improve physical performance.  This includes plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability with strength training being just one piece of the jigsaw.

Strength and conditioning coaches work alongside a coach to assist them in designing specific programmes that will address the particular need of the athlete, event and sport. A periodised programme that targets both strengths and weaknesses will produce the best possible performance.

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Jane Fylan speaks with the English Institute of Sport's Head of Strength and Conditioning Alex Wolf.  The interview is split into 4 videos covering different topics within Strength and Conditioning: Strength & Conditioning & Performance, Event Group Differences, Strength & Conditioning or Weightlifting?, Recovery and Performance  Click here to view the videos.


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