Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition and Hydration

When considering how best to fuel the body for repetitive high volume, high intensity sessions that will also aid the recovery phase, we look how the highly skilled & knowledgeable performance nutritionists based at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) view the importance of this area.

As stated by the English Institute of Sport:

The purpose of optimum nutrition & hydration is to unleash the power of food so that athletes have more:

  • Time to train: By reducing the risk of injury and illness
  • Effective training: By facilitating the adaptive response to training
  • Competition performance: Through a wide range of interventions from getting the food right in the competition hotel to ergogenic aids

Performance Nutrition works in three areas:

  • Sport specific strategies: Nutrition strategies that focus on the demands of the event
  • Fundamental food behaviours: Getting the basic diet of an athlete in place
  • Ondividualised food plans: Helping athletes and coaches understand what to eat, when to eat around training and why this impacts on performance

Listen to what Jade has to say about nutrition and hydration


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