General Meeting Terminology 

The terminology around a General Meeting is - unfortunately, by necessity - complex. Here is an explanation of what the terms mean, and exactly what is taking place on 10 June.

General Meeting

A General Meeting - as with the one which will take place on 10 June - is a gathering of stakeholders which has been called for a specific reason or purpose. In this instance, it is to address the opposing views which remain to the plans to change age groups from April 2026. Some of those who hold these opposing views have proposed this General Meeting on the basis of two 'resolutions': 


The resolutions - which you can read here - are essentially motions put forward by those who have proposed the General Meeting. Voters will be asked for their opinion on each resolution - whether they agree or disagree with the statement put forward. If 75% or more of voters agree with a resolution, it will be successful, and the action stated within the resolution will move forward. If a resolution receives less than 75% of support, it will not move forward. 

Voting by proxy

The meeting will take place in Birmingham, owing to its central location. Club and member bodies who are unable to attend in-person will retain their right to vote, and will be able to vote via proxy - i.e prior to the meeting, if you can’t attend. If this applies to your club, you can download the Voting by Proxy form here.  

The voting process

Club and member body representatives will vote on behalf of their members. We would encourage all clubs and member bodies to engage with young athletes within their club, and to gain their views on this issue, before exercising your right to vote.  

This is one step towards making our sport fit for the future; ensuring that we are catering for the hopes and dreams of our next generation of athletes, and safeguarding the sport that we love.  

We would urge you to help make these changes work for all by voting against both of the resolutions put forward.