National Council

A key strength of England Athletics is how we bring together our core staff and the elected volunteer councils in our regions. The elected regional chairs from each elected council come together to form the England Athletics National Council, a body which evaluates the needs and requirements of the sport in formulating proposals for consideration and action by the Board of England Athletics Ltd.

The National Council includes the Regional Council chairs and is an advisory and best practice sharing group which works to help shape national strategy and direction.

The chair of the National Council is elected by the members of the National Council. Two members of National Council, one of whom is the National Council Chair sit, on the Board of England Athletics.

Regional Council Chairs

Easttba following council vote
East MidlandsDr David Lodwick
Londontba following council vote
North EastJanice Kaufman
North WestAllan Wort
South EastJulian Starkey
South WestRichard Lewellyn-Eaton
Yorkshire & HumbersideMoira Gallagher