Athletics 365 Athlete Handbooks

Normally a ‘paid for’ resource; we are now making our Athletics 365 Athlete Handbooks (1 and 2) available free of charge (normally each handbook costs £9.99). This offer will be available until national COVID restrictions end.

The Athletics 365 Athlete Handbooks have been designed to help athletes measure and record their progress through the Athletics 365 programme. Suitable for children over 11 years of age, as well as adults: the handbooks include information on how to complete challenges and fun activities at home at this time. This in-app resource also provides supporting videos for these challenges to help further bring them to life. Parents can also use these resources to help their children learn and practice these challenges at home.

Downloading and accessing the App and content

Accessing these resources couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is download the Athletics 365 App (if you haven’t already) and follow the below instructions:

Step 1: download the Athletics 365 App to your smartphone or tablet

You can download the app from the following links:

Once downloaded, please click the Athletics 365 App to start. The first screen you should come to is the Home Page.

Step 2: add the in-App resources

  • Click on the Athletics 365 for Athletes and Parents
  • You should now come to a screen with a purple background
  • There are two documents you can download for free for a limited time; these cover the first 6 stages of the Athletics 365 challenges and the books have been designed with young people in mind.

We will be developing a short demonstration video for you to watch, showing how to download and access these resources. Please visit the Athletics 365 YouTube channel or watch out for further information here.

Watch the demo video

Watch the demo video below which shows you how to download the app, the resources and how to use them: