Why Strava makes sense

England Athletics registered athletes will know that they all have access to Strava for free, which means you can now log onto an amazing array of new features designed to make running so much easier and fun for everybody!

Strava is an app for your phone that essentially tracks and evaluates everything you do, creating a virtual community both locally and worldwide. But far more than that, it has the ability to evaluate just about every aspect of your running fitness even suggesting the shoes required for particular runs!

It’s a comprehensive update that offers a huge selection of features designed to help you improve your fitness and get the most from each and every run. Strava have created a long list of extras, but a few really stand out for us.  Along with the usual distance and speed calculations where Strava now really comes into its own is with the Weekly Intensity section which calculates your training load accumulated through the week based on heart rate, Perceived Exertion or power meter data.  Or perhaps better, is the Monthly Fitness section which assigns a score to your current fitness and compares that to where your fitness has been over the past month, three months, six months, year and two years.

And when the time is right, the routes on offer are fantastic; suggestions of great runs all over the world. They are based on real life, real time use by other runners – always those in the know!