Katarina Johnson-Thompson interview

Moving with the times

When the current world champion and arguably Britain’s best-known athlete currently, Katrina Johnson-Thompson says she wishes funetics had been around when she was in primary school to help her improve her movement and coordination skills – you know it must be something special.

funetics has been designed to help children learn, develop and practice running jumping and throwing, but it far more than that – it’s fun!

“It’s the best thing we can do for kids – teach them right movement for sport.”

KJT with medal And when you think about it carefully you can see just how right KJT is. Her path to the top has had the odd hiccup on the way, which she says could potentially have been smoothed over had she been shown these skills at an earlier age.

“When I moved to France (where she currently trains) I had to break down all my old habits that I learned beforehand,” she explains. “For sure funetics is great and teaching kids how to do the right movements at the right age.” she concludes, adding that she wishes it had been around in her day.

She also loves the way funetics allows parents and teachers track just how well anyone taking part is doing. “Perhaps more than ever hugely important for families in this remote world.”

Part of the funetics package also involves designing a medal to celebrate the work the NHS is doing right now. “They are our heroes,” says Kat.  “And it’s great to get the kids involved. It’s fabulous to shine that light right now and it’s something to keep them occupied for an hour or two.” she laughs.

For Kat, being involved at every level is something that comes very naturally to her. “I’ve never grown out of that mentality that athletics is a grassroots sport. Anyone can take part.” she explains. “It’s what makes our sport so approachable and achievable.”

Go to funetics.co.uk for more information.