Through our virtual running partnership with Racefully, all England Athletics affiliated clubs and RunTogether groups and their runners are able to access the Premium Tribes app for free.

“We’re all about a providing a social approach to encourage exercise,” says Chris Pointon from Racefully. Forget stats, numbers and performances, using the Racefully app is connecting people and running with one another in a virtual way. We all know running together with like-minded runners makes things about a million times easier and Chris recognises that offering runners the chance to create ‘tribes’ – basically your mates – where you can even run together, virtually currently. Everyone who is a member of England Athletics has free membership during lockdown, all you need is an iPhone and you’re away.

Probably the best part is the way you and your running mates can go for a run at the same time and hear in real time how each one is doing as a commentator will keep you informed through your headphones. And of course, there’s an opportunity to share chat and, if you want, advice afterwards.

“Basically, we invented it as a result of mates moving apart over the years but who still wanted to share our running experiences with each other. This app does that easily,” says Chris. “We wanted it to be fun and non-competitive, just like running with your friends is.”

Job done.

Through the Racefully app, you can join a Tribe or create one for your friends, and run together virtually in real time, whether you’re on the other side of the city or the other side of the world. You can keep up to date with how your Tribes are progressing via intranet leaderboards and status updates, plus in-app live messaging.