Running @home

Advice for all for running during these unprecedented times

As we all find ourselves responding to the challenge of spending more time at home and not being able to run as we would normally; England Athletics has expanded its campaign to support Athletics and Running for everyone @home, with a focus here on ‘Running @home’ support and advice which is updated weekly.

Martin’s message of the week

Yes, I know summers at home can be a little damp – I’m from Cumbria after all – but trust me, we all need to take care of heat management over the next few months. Seriously, done right it can make a massive difference to your running both in terms of enjoyment and performance. When I was still ultra-competitive, I remember getting ready for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 which I knew would be rather warm. With that in mind, I decided to train in the middle of France for the event, partly because it would be as hot as Spain but also it has nice wine! Remember, effective relaxation is as important as preparation. Anyway, the area was chosen because of the heat but the lower humidity so I could train at a higher intensity. I can report from a heat management point of view that went perfectly, although even today I can quite decide whether the wine had anything to do with the niggling injury I picked up. Should I have drunk more, or less? I’ll never know for sure. But to help you make the right decisions, take a look at our expert advice on how you too can get a heat management plan in place for a successful summer running.

Ready to road race?

Our Road Race webinar mini-series has kicked off and is moving with ever-changing times! With that in mind, our expert team will be talking about a return to competition on the 22 July. We can’t wait! Click here to find out more.


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