Our work

What we do

At England Athletics we support more than 1500 affiliated clubs and organisations, who between them have more than 170,000 registered athletes, and work to help them to thrive. We listen and consult with our membership regularly to ensure we understand what’s needed at a grassroots level to develop athletics & running. We are committed to supporting our member clubs and athletes from start to finish across the following areas:

  • Coach development
  • Competitions and events
  • Resource provision for whole club development planning
  • Volunteer training and recognition
  • Welfare support
  • Event registration

England Athletics is proud to work in partnership with key stakeholders and funders, most notably; affiliated clubs, registered athletes, Sport England, our key sponsors, UK Athletics and the Home Country Athletics Federations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

England Athletics does work to inspire everyone in England to start running as part of a group or community. These grassroots campaigns include:

  • RunTogether: a national recreational group-based running opportunity with more than 70,000 members. When surveyed, 74% of these runners said they felt running was good for their mental wellbeing and 89% said they had increased happiness as a direct result of running with others or in a group.
  • This Girl Can Run: a running activation campaign from Sport England’s parent This Girl Can campaign with more than 125,000 women in the social media community of whom c.30,000 have been influenced to run regularly
  • #RunAndTalk: a partnership with Mind, the mental health charity. We, our clubs and groups support Time to Talk Day and World Mental Health Day with organised runs. We have also created a network of volunteer Mental Health Champions in England Athletics affiliated clubs and RunTogether groups promoting mental wellbeing through running

How we work

The central functions and services provided by England Athletics are maintained by a small team of staff. These services and responsibilities include:

  • Membership services
  • Support relating to England international teams
  • National championships across a range of age groups and disciplines
  • Financial and accounting services

We also have a team of staff covering the whole country to provide the sport with support and resources at a local level. Many of the services provided to clubs by England Athletics are delivered through our Club Support Team. There is a Club Support Manager covering every area of the country working to support the invaluable work of clubs and coaches. We also have a team of Education Coordinators covering the whole country to ensure courses for coaches and officials are held, enabling them to develop their skills and improve their qualifications.

Complaints and whistleblowing

England Athletics and UKA have adopted the same Whistleblowing Policy, you can view this and download our Complaints policies via the links on the right hand side of this page.