Mission, Strategy & Articles

Mission, Strategy & Articles

Athletics & Running: for everyone, forever

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Our Mission

To grow opportunities for everyone to experience athletics and running, to enable them to reach their full potential

Our Vision

Athletics and running will be the most inclusive and popular sport in England, led by a network of progressive clubs and organisations and supported by a sustainable, respected and trusted governing body

Our Key Values

We take pride in the work that we do and demonstrate commitment to our athletes in recognition of the important role that we have to play. Athletics in England has a rich history and heritage and we will celebrate the achievements of our athletes from today and yesteryear to inspire future generations.

Our sport is founded on integrity. We will demonstrate this in all that we do to earn respect and to build effective partnerships at all levels. We will challenge ourselves and each other to ensure that we adhere to this value at all times.

Inclusivity is an important aspect of athletics and must be embraced at all levels of the sport. We believe that athletics can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle and a sense of achievement, whatever the age, ability or background of the athlete or volunteer. We should promote inclusive working at all times and reflect this in our actions.

Our Strategic Priorities

1 To expand the capacity of the sport by supporting and developing its volunteers and other workforce
2 To sustain and increase participation and performance levels in our sport
3 To influence participation in the wider athletics market

Delivery Methods

Our Key Priorities will be delivered through:

  • Positive culture, progressive performance and collaborative leadership
  • Transparent governance and accountability
  • High-quality member engagement and communications.

To find out more about our strategy and values please download our Strategic Priorities Document

England Athletics Strategic Plan

England Athletics has produced its Strategic Plan for 2017 and beyond. Building on the already established strategic priorities and values, the plan itself is a result of consultation and discussion with people across the sport. It will now be used to inform the decisions that we make and the activities that we deliver. Over the coming months we will be talking more to clubs, athletes, coaches, officials and the whole athletics and running community about the plan in more detail.

Click here to download the England Athletics Strategic Plan for 2017 and beyond (PDF 3.3MB)

Articles of Association

Click here to download the Articles of Association of England Athletics Limited lodged with Companies House

Memorandum of Association

Click here to download the Memorandum of Association of England Athletics Limited

Whistleblowing Policy

England Athletics and UKA have adopted the same Whistleblowing Policy. This can be accessed at http://www.uka.org.uk/governance/policies/