How we work - England Athletics Structure and Governance

How we work - England Athletics Structure and Governance

On this page you can find out more about how England Athletics works including:

The central functions and services provided by England Athletics are maintained by a small team of staff. These services and responsibilities include member services, support relating to England international teams, Age Group Championships and Combined Events Championships both indoors and outdoors, and financial and accounting services.

A document showing our core goals for the 2013-17 period is available on the right hand side of this page.

We also have a team of staff covering the whole country to provide the sport with support and resources at a local level. To find out more about the staff in your area please see Many of the services provided by England Athletics are delivered to clubs and coaches through our Club and Coach Support Officers. There is a Club and Coach Support Officer covering every area of the country working to do exactly what their job says - to support the invaluable work of clubs and coaches. We also have a team of Education Coordinators. They too cover the whole country to ensure that courses for coaches and officials are held to enable them to develop their skills and improve their qualifications. We also have Activators who work to create new opportunities to bring people into the sport. Our Run England programme works to bring more people into the sport through recreational running.

A key strength of the organisation is the bringing together of staff and the elected volunteer councils in nine regions. The elected regional chairs from each elected council come together to form the England Athletics National Council, a body which evaluates the needs and requirements of the sport in formulating proposals for consideration and action by the Board of England Athletics Ltd.

National Council

The National Council includes the nine regional council chairs and is an advisory and best practice sharing group which works to help shape national strategy and direction.

You can find out more about the National Council, Regional Councils and their work in the England Council section of the site.

National staff

Many of the operations and services of England Athletics are carried out at a national level. The national staff are:

Chris Jones - CEO:
Chris Mallender - Head of Local Delivery:
Lynette Smith - Membership and Administration Manager:
Martin Rush - Head of Coaching and Athlete Development:
Andy Day - Head of Teams & Competitions:
Emma Davenport - North Area Manager:
Matt Foad - Acting Midlands and SW Area Manager:
Neil Deans - South Area Manager: 
Bob Smith - London Area Manager:  
Andy Barber - Media Manager:
Anna Gray - Community Athletics Programme Manager:
June Swift - Volunteer, Young People and Officials' Development Officer:
Paul Moseley - Coach Development and Education Manager:
Tamsin Fudge - Acting National Disability Manager (Community Participation):
Dean Hardman - Senior Business Development and Communications Manager:
Ralph Knibbs - Head of HR and Welfare: 
Michael Davis - Financial Controller:
Samantha Carter– HR Manager:
Andy Anstey - National Running Partnerships Manager:
Sue Tamblyn - Company Secretary
Alison Potts - Executive Assistant and Events Manager:


Board Of Directors

The Board Of Directors is tasked with supporting and endorsing high level strategic and financial decisions that shape the delivery of actions within the National Strategy.

  • Peter King CBE - Chair of the Board
  • Chris Jones - CEO
  • Tony Shiret - Chair of National Council
  • Mike Harris - National Council
  • Tim Soutar - Elected Director
  • Neil Costello - Elected Director
  • Karen Neale - Non Executive Director
  • Sally Hughes - Non Executive Director
  • Steve Grainger MBE - Non Executive Director
  • Wendy Sly MBE - Non Executive Director
  • Peter Crawshaw - Non Executive Director

Company Secretary - Sue Tamblyn
Financial Controller - Michael Davis

England Athletics Board Meetings 2013-14

Date Documents
Tuesday 22nd January 2013 * Board Meeting Report - 22 January 2013
Associated Document: Board Priorities - 22 Jan 2013
Tuesday 12th March 2013 Board Meeting Report - 12 March 2013
Tuesday 30th April 2013* Board Meeting Report - 30 April 2013
Tuesday 18th June 2013 Board Meeting report - 18 June 2013
Associated Document: NC  report to Board - 18 June 2013
Tuesday 6th August  2013* Board Meeting Report - 6 August 2013
Tuesday 17th Sept 2013 Board Meeting Report - 17 September 2013
Tuesday 22nd October 2013* -- CANCELLED--
Tuesday 12th November 2013 Board Meeting Report - 12 November 2013
Tuesday 10th December 2013* Board Meeting Report - 10 December 2013
Tuesday 5th February 2014* Board Meeting Report - 5 February 2014
Tuesday 25th March 2014* Board Meeting Report - 25 March 2014
Wednesday 7th May 2014* Board Meeting Report - 7 May 2014
Thursday 12th June 2014* Outcomes Document (informal meeting)
Wednesday 23rd July 2014* Board Meeting Report - 23 July 2014
Tuesday 9th September 2014* Board Meeting Report - 9 September 2014
Thursday 6th November 2014* Board Meeting Report - 6 November 2014

*Meetings to be held at Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
Other dates – Venue tbc

Advisory Groups

England Athletics delivers and invests much of its work through focused advisory groups comprising both volunteers and paid staff. These groups have been established to help drive priority areas of work such as coaching, clubs, schools, facilities, officials development and the like. Groups are often chaired by a board member and administered by a paid member of our team. Budgets are aligned to groups to help deliver actions.

Advisory Group Chair Secretary Members
Performance Mike Harris Tracy Green Neil Costello, Martin Rush, Andy Day
Participation Steve Grainger Alison Potts Tony Shiret, Neil Costello, Chris Jones, Andy Anstey, Chris Mallender, Anna Gray, Bob Smith, John Skevington, Kate Wooldridge, Andrew Lane
Membership Process and Consultation Wendy Sly Dean Hardman Tim Soutar, Neil Costello, Geoff Morphitis, Barry Parker, Mark Wall, Alan Edwards, Andy Barber, Chris Mallender
Commercial Sally Hughes Dean Hardman

Wendy Sly, Chris Jones, Tony Shiret

For further information on advisory groups, please contact Chris Jones at or contact your regional office for details of how you can support.

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