Birmingham Athletics Network

Birmingham Athletics Network

Network Name Birmingham Athletics Network
Athletics clubs and Running Clubs in Network
Other Partners
  • Birmingham City Council
  • County Sport Partnerships
  • Birmingham Sport & Physical Activity Network (BSPAN) (Relationship manager)
  • Schools Sport Partnerships
  • BCU/CBU (Birmingham College University/City of Birmingham University)
  • Birmingham High Performance Centre and associated staff - UKA coaches
  • Run England
  • Sportshall Associates – to be progressed
  • QuadKids Associates – to link more to BaN
Network Chair / Contact

Coordinator - Keith Holt:   07979 678939
CCSO - June Swift:  07912 127589

Aims To establish a more strategic approach – lead by The Steering Group which is made up of representatives of the member clubs, BaN Chairman and Coordinator.

North and South action groups made up from representatives of the BaN clubs will lead on the following project areas:
  • Coach Development    
    To enhance coach development in areas of most need and to facilitate talent identification of promising young coaches’
  • Club Development    
    To assist clubs to enhance their infrastructure and become more financially sustainable. 
    To provide Club Leadership development and to support activities to help increase the recruitment and retention of coaches and athletes.
  • Volunteer Development and School-Club Links     
    To proactively support opportunities to encourage parents and younger members (16-21yrs) to become volunteers and to assist the continued professional development of existing volunteers.
    To disseminate good school-club link procedures and practices utilising HE/FE support.
Key Projects
  • Run in England
  • Coach development with focus on throws
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Promotion linked to Jamaican team
  • Athlete recruitment

Birmingham Athletics Network structure

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  • made up of a representative from each current member club across the whole of Birmingham plus the Chair and Network Coordinator (NCo)
  • this will meet quarterly, ideally rotating around the four venues that host the Clubs (Alexander, Fox Hollies, Munrow, & Wyndley), or alternating between two main South/North centres (Munrow/Alexander)
  • they will agree ongoing strategy, in consultation with their members, and  also establish project task responsibilities and delivery timelines in their first meeting at the outset of Yr 2
  • information is two way between the steering group and the CCSO (supporting role), South and North Action Groups and subgroups 

  • these included representatives on the steering group that are based in the respective regions
  • they will be empowered to establish their own informal meetings with other colleagues in order to organise delivery within their remit
  • although action group members are given a main areas of responsibility, much delivery involves a variety of project areas e.g. the UoB~ BRAT Quadkids school-club partnership initiative involved school-club links and volunteering  
  • they will share good practice and constructive feedback with their South/North counterpart and establish lines of communication with the subgroups impacting on their area of responsibility 

  • these represent more specialist sub projects identified in the Yr 2 plans
  • information and support is two-way between the South and North Action Groups
(a) Although K.Holt has specific lead role in North Action Group he still ‘supports’ South Action Group as part of his BaN coordinator role
(b) BaN also needs to create athlete focus group(s), including for younger athletes, during Yr2 to get feedback to consider for Yr 3 plans